Quick Answer: Can I still use 3G phone in Singapore?

In Singapore, the 3G networks spectrum rights will expire by end of 2021. Similar to T-mobile, existing 3G smartphones wont work and 4G phones without VoLTE won’t be able to make any voice calls.

Will 3G be phased out Singapore?

Some countries have already begun phasing out 2G and 3G services. … In many countries in Asia, such as Japan, Macau, Singapore and South Korea there is no 2G available already. Many major carriers have announced that 3G networks will be ending within the next three years.

Can 3G phones still be used?

AT&T said it will shut down its entire 3G network by February 2022. T-Mobile, which merged with Sprint, said it will fully retire Sprint’s 3G network by March 31, Sprint’s 4G LTE network by June 30, and T-Mobile’s 3G network by July 1. Verizon said it will completely shut down its 3G network by Dec. 31, 2022.

Will 3G flip phones still work in 2020?

Better call your grandparents’ flip phones now, because they may soon stop ringing. Support for 3G, the 20-year-old wireless network standard, is ending in the US next year, when the major wireless carriers are planning to phase out service. … AT&T says it’s shutting down 3G services in February 2022.

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Do 3G phones work on 4G network?

Unfortunately, the ability to access the 4G network depends on your phone’s capability. So, if you have a 3G phone, you won’t have access to the 4G network. On the CDMA network, a 3G phone can access the 3G network, a 4G phone can access the regular 4G network and an LTE phone can access the 4G LTE network.

Which countries still use 3G network?


  • 2.1 Sri Lanka.
  • 2.2 Afghanistan.
  • 2.3 Nepal.
  • 2.4 Pakistan.
  • 2.5 Bangladesh.
  • 2.6 China.
  • 2.7 India.
  • 2.8 North Korea.

Is 3G being shut down?

Honda’s website identifies February 22, 2022 as the date that the 3G shutdown will affect a handful of its models. The company is offering a wireless software update that should reenable car features like remote locking, enhanced roadside assistance and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Do 1G phones still work?

Modern Networks Don’t Support Old Standards

For example, as of early 2021 in the U.S., the big carriers all support 5G, 4G, and (for now) 3G. They no longer support 2G or 1G.

What phones will be affected by 3G shutdown?

Basic 3G phones, smartphones, tablets, Home Phone Connect. 4G LTE smartphones that don’t support HD voice. iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, or older. Samsung Galaxy S4 or older.

Are flip phones 3G or 4G?

On the outside of the device, you’ll find a monochrome 1.3-inch display for screening incoming calls or sneaking a quick glance at messages without opening the phone. The flip phone works with 4G networks, so you can ensure you’ll be able to use this device for years to come.

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Will 3G phones work in 2022?

Many cell phones, tablets, medical devices, and home security systems using 3G connectivity will be phased out in 2022. Older cell phones that use 3G won’t be able to make emergency calls to 911, either. AT&T announced it will shutdown 3G by Feb. 2022.

What phones will not work in 2022?

Some tracfones, flip phones, Jitterbugs and even older-style smartphones will no longer be able to make calls once the networks are taken down. Most of these phones, which are sometimes called “third generation” phones were launched nearly 20 years ago and will no longer work with most of the carriers in 2022.