Does Thai have full stops?

Thai. In Thai, no symbol corresponding to the full stop is used as terminal punctuation. A sentence is written without spaces and a space is typically used to mark the end of a clause or sentence.

Does Thai have punctuation?

There is no punctuation in Thai, including full stops. Brackets, speech marks and exclamation marks can be used in the same way as in English.

Does Thai have spaces between words?

The Thai language has 44 consonants, 32 vowels, 4 tone marks, and various other symbols for pronunciation. Also, in the Thai writing system, there are no spaces between words. Instead, spaces in a Thai text indicate the end of a clause or sentence.

Do all languages use full stops?

No, not by any account. The languages I’m most familiar with all use some kind of punctuation to finish a sentence, but it’s not always a small dot on the baseline. For example, Chinese and Japanese traditionally use an unfilled circle: 「そうです。」

How do you separate sentences in Thai?

Thai has many sentence ending particles depending on the intention of your sentence. The most common sentences ending are ครับ (kráp) and ค่ะ (kâ) where both means polite particles.

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Do Vietnamese use commas?

Yes, you can write any language without punctuation.

Are there question marks in Vietnamese?

In typesetting, the hook above (Vietnamese: dấu hỏi) is a diacritic mark placed on top of vowels in the Vietnamese alphabet. In shape it looks like a tiny question mark without the dot underneath, or a tiny glottal stop (ʔ). For example, a capital A with a hook is “Ả”, and a lower case “u” with a hook is “ủ”.

Why Thai has no space?

The Thai language does not use spaces between the words in a sentence. … That’s because Thai has rules such as the following: The preposed vowels (เ แ โ ใ ไ) start a syllable. ะ ends a syllable (unless it is followed by a consonant with the symbol อ์ as in the word เคราะห์ .

Does Thai have no spaces?

Thai is written from left to right, however there are no spaces in-between words. Spaces are only used in specific circumstances, as the equivalent of a full stop or comma. There are 42 consonants in Thai.

Why Thai language has no space?

Thai doesn’t have spaces because they were never introduced. This is similar to many ancient and modern South Asian scripts, of which Thai, Lao, and Khmer are descended. Nowadays many Thais do put spaces into their sentences. This is done in business as well as casual writing.

Does Arabic use full stops?

while the Arabic question mark (علامة الاستفهام) looks like this (؟). The full stop (النقطة) is used at the end of declarative sentences, and the question mark (؟) is used at the end of questions, e.g. أين المدير؟

Which language has no punctuation?

Chinese is the language in which punctuation are not used.

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Are there periods in Arabic?

The Arabic translation uses periods as a substitute but also repeats the word رﺎـﯾﺗﺧإ [offering/choice] at the beginning of each sentence in order to signal each combo as a package.