Who is the richest man in South East Asia?

Who is the richest man in Asean?

Gautam Adani is now the richest man in Asia

  • ​Ambani’s net worth. …
  • ​Wealth-gainer. …
  • ​Huge spike. …
  • ​Giant conglomerate. …
  • ​New priorities. …
  • ​In sync. …
  • ​Airports. Adani has now control of seven airports and almost a quarter of India’s air traffic. …
  • ​New mogul. If 2020 was the year of Ambani, the pendulum has since swung toward Adani.

Who is the richest person in South Asia?


South Asia ranking World ranking Name
1 13 Mukesh Ambani
2 44 Dilip Sanghvi
3 55 Azim Premji
4 75 Shiv Nadar

Who is the richest man of Asia 2020?

Adani Group chairman, Gautam Adani, is now Asia’s and India’s richest man, surpassing Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh Ambani. Adani’s wealth swelled up recently, especially after the onset of covid-19 pandemic, with a rise of 1800%.

Who is the No 1 richest person in Asia?

Indian businessman Gautam Adani has become the richest person in Asia with a net worth of $90.1 billion, according to Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaire calculations.

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Who is Asia’s richest family?

The Ambanis, Hartonos and Mistrys lead Asia’s wealthiest clans as the dynasties behind some of the region’s oldest fortunes pivot to crypto, tech and e-commerce.

Is Adani richer than Ambani?

On Thursday, Forbes Real Time Billionaire Index put the total net worth of Adani at $91.1 billion, and that of Ambani at $89.2 billion.

Is Southeast Asia Rich?

The member states of ASEAN had a combined 2017 GDP of $6.5 trillion, making Southeast Asia the equivalent of the fourth-largest economy worldwide behind the US, China, and India. If these ten member states were one country, it would have the world’s third-largest population.

Which is the richest country in Asia?

The city-state of Singapore is the wealthiest country in Asia, with a per-capita GDP of $107,690 (PPP Int$). Singapore owes its wealth not to oil but rather to a low level of government corruption and a business-friendly economy.

Is Europe richer than Asia?

For the first time in modern history, Asia is now richer than Europe. … And it is catching up with North America too; by 2019 the region’s wealth is expected to reach $75 trillion compared to $63 trillion in North America.

Who is the No 1 businessman in India?

Top 27 richest Indians

Rank Name Net worth (USD)
1 Mukesh Ambani 88.9 billion
2 Gautam Adani 75.3 billion
3 Shiv Nadar 22.5 billion
4 Lakshmi Mittal 18.7 billion

Who is the youngest millionaire of Asia?

As of 2010, at age 33, he was ranked as “Asia’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire” under the age of 35 and was selected as the “World’s Second-Youngest Self-Made Billionaire” after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

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Yoshikazu Tanaka
Education Nihon University
Occupation founder of Gree, a Japanese Internet media

Who is No 1 richest man in India?

Mukesh Ambani topped the list of richest Indians in 2021, while Gautam Adani followed him closely and secured the second spot. Savitri Jindal emerged as the richest Indian woman and stood seventh in the overall list of top 10 richest Indians, according to Forbes.

Who is the top 10 richest man in Asia?


Rank Name Net worth (USD):
1 Mukesh Ambani 90.3 billion
2 Gautam Adani 88.4 billion
3 Ma Huateng 46.9 billion
4 Colin Huang 55.3 billion

Who is the richest man in India 2022?

As of February 9, 2022, Mukesh Ambani is in the 10th spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index global list with a net worth of $89.2 billion. Ambani’s net worth has eclipsed Gautam Adani’s $86.3 billion. The founder of Adani Group was at the 11th spot on the list and holds the status of the second richest man in Asia.