What is the biggest lake in Myanmar?

Located in northern Myanmar, Indawgyi Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Myanmar.

What is the deepest lake in Myanmar?

Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake (အင်းတော်ကြီး)
Max. length 24 km (15 mi)
Max. width 13 km (8.1 mi)
Surface area 260 km2 (100 sq mi)
Average depth 22 meters (72.2 feet)

How large is Inle Lake?

Inle Lake (Burmese: အင်းလေးကန်; MLCTS: ang: le: kan, [ʔɪ́ɰ̃lé kàɰ̃]), a freshwater lake located in the Nyaungshwe Township of Shan State, part of Shan Hills in Myanmar (Burma).

Why Inle Lake is famous?

Indein. The village of Indein (also spelt Inn Thein, and meaning ‘shallow lake’) is most famous for its crumbling and atmospheric groups of ancient pagodas, some of which are now being restored (sometimes in rather too pristine fashion).

What is the tallest building in Myanmar?

Tallest buildings

Rank Name Height: m (ft)
1 Diamond Inya Palace 122 m (400 ft)
2 M Tower 111.2 m (365 ft)
=2 Grand Park Hotel 111.2 m (365 ft)
4 Golden City Tower I 109.7 m (360 ft)

How many islands are there in Myanmar?

They are part of the Yangon Region of Myanmar. The islands are located 414 km (257 mi) south of the city of Yangon.

Coco Islands.

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Native name: ကိုကိုးကျွန်း
Total islands 7
Major islands Great Coco Little Coco
Area 20.54 km2 (7.93 sq mi)coco roy
Highest elevation 112 m (367 ft)

How many villages are Inle Lake?

There are 17 villages on the shore and islands on Inle Lake. Each village has its own culture and traditions which are unique in its own way. People live in houses made on stilts. In fact, spending a night or two at stilt houses are the main tourist attraction of Inle Lake.

What kind of fish are in Inle Lake?

Inle comes from two Myanmar words “In” or “Inn” meaning lake and “Le” or “Lay” meaning small or the number four. “In” in Myanmar is a lake, in modern Myanmar perception would mean a lake which is rather remote, still in its natural state, wild and untamed.

Is Inle Lake Worth Visiting?

On one hand, it is a beautiful lake, and my time spent there was enjoyable, but on the other hand, it was easily the most touristy place I visited in Myanmar – and it was nothing like I’d expected.

How do I get Intole?

The easiest way to get to Inle Lake (and the most comfortable) is by domestic flight. The closest airport is in Heho, which is a 1 hour taxi-ride away from the lake itself. Taking a taxi from the airport is expensive, the rate is around 25000 Kyats to go to Nyaung Shwe.