Quick Answer: How long is the work week in Vietnam?

As one of the few communist nations still left on the globe, Vietnam has a legal work week of 48 hours, six days a week — even while other nations are now questioning if it is realistic to expect employees to be productive for even eight hours a day, 40 hours a week.

How many hours a week do they work in Vietnam?

In 2019, on average an employed person in Vietnam worked around 41 hours per week. The average weekly working hours for men was approximately 42 hours. Women, on the other hand, worked two hours less every week on average in the same year.

What are the working hours in Vietnam?

The following is an overview over working hours, leave and overtime regulations in Vietnam. Maximum Working Hours – eight hours a day – 48 hours per week The State encourages employers to apply 40-hour workweeks.

What country has a 3 day work week?

Spain announced a voluntary, nationwide, three-year trial of a 32-hour workweek. Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, Sanna Marin of Finland, and Japan’s annual economic policy guidelines each proposed a four-day workweek as a consideration.

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What is work like in Vietnam?

The regular working hours in Vietnam is 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week. For unconventional jobs that follow schedules on a weekly basis instead of your regular 9-5 office hours, you cannot exceed 10 hours working in a day.

Does Vietnam have 13th month pay?

The payroll cycle in Vietnam is generally monthly and is usually paid on the last working day, or as agreed within the employment contract. In Vietnam, it is customary to pay a 13th-month salary at the Lunar New Year or the end of the year.

Is 13th month pay mandatory in Vietnam?

Bonuses. A 13 month bonus is not legally required in Vietnam, but most employers provide a 13th month bonus, annual bonus or commission plan. The 13th month bonus is typically offered to employees that have worked for a company for more than 1 year, or is prorated based on length of employment.

What is the legal working age in Vietnam?

Normally, the minimum working age is 15. There is no restriction on the maximum working age. The daily working hours of senior workers (over 60 for men or over 55 for women), however, should be reduced. There is no clear definition of outsourcing or subcontracting under the Vietnamese Labor Code.

Which country has only 4 working days?

Iceland experiments 4-day workweek trail

A four-year trial in Iceland was held in October 2021. Around 2,500 workers participated in the program involved in a wide range of workplaces including offices, preschools, and hospitals.

What countries work 6 hours?

By country

  • Australia. In Australia, the six-hour day and four-day week is supported by the Australian Greens.
  • Finland. In 2020, the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin advocated for a change towards implementing a six-hour working day.
  • Norway. The Red Party (Norway) has advocated for a six-hour workday.
  • Sweden.
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Which country has 4 days a week?

Belgium Becomes Latest Country To Let Workers Try Four-Day Work Week.

How many working days are there in Vietnam?

– Private companies often work from Monday to Friday. Some companies are open on Saturday: 08:00 AM -> 12:00 PM.

Is Vietnam good place to work?

Vietnam has become increasingly popular as an expat destination in recent years and it is now recognized as a safe place for foreigners to live and work. Expats are attracted by the nice weather, low cost of living, lively culture and the steady improvements in Vietnam’s infrastructure.

Is Vietnam good for working?

Foreigners working in Vietnam can maintain the quality of their lives as they do in their hometowns. In addition, there are more professions in other fields such as construction, technology, tourism, and science.