Question: Are all Ibanez made in Indonesia?

Ibanez manufactures effects, accessories, amps, and instruments in Japan, China, Indonesia and in the United States (at a Los Angeles-based custom shop). … After Gibson and Fender, Ibanez is considered the third biggest guitar brand.

Are Ibanez guitars made in Indonesia?

Most Ibanez guitars are produced in Japan, Indonesia, and China. Most low-end Ibanez guitars in the GIO series and S Series are produced in Indonesia and China. Most high-end Ibanez guitars are produced in Japan and Kora, such as the Prestige series. Custom shop Ibanez guitars are often made in the US.

Are Indonesian made Ibanez guitars good?

the MIJ stuff is definitely the best of it all, I’ve got an Ibanez Pr1660, its from like 1985 and the neck on this thing is like butter, not sure if its the original wizard but its thin, flat and fast, no friction or anything, so it might be. Bastards. There is no doubt that the Indonesian made Ibanez are not as good.

How do I know if my Ibanez is original?

Ibanez serial numbers

  1. On the back of the headstock either on a sticker or painted/printed on the headstock itself,
  2. Stamped on the neck plate (the metal plate at the joint between the neck and the body), or.
  3. Printed, written or stamped on the label inside a hollow body or acoustic guitar, or.
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Are any Ibanez Guitars made in Japan?

Ibanez guitars are primarily built at the Fujigen plant in Matsumoto, Nagano. Fujigen builds guitars for many manufacturers, but their primary client is Ibanez. It is at the Fujigen plant where Ibanez makes its Prestige line. These made in Japan guitars are high end instruments that have few compromises.

Why are guitars made in Indonesia?

That’s not to say there are aren’t highly skilled guitar builders all around the world. But the general cost of labour is much cheaper in places like Mexico, China and Indonesia – so companies make use of it.

Where is Ibanez RG made?

High quality RG guitars which are made in Japan by FujiGen. The Prestige series was instituted in 1996. All Japanese-made RG models since 2003 are included in the Prestige line including those in the RGA and RGD series.

Who makes Ibanez premium?

The Premium line is a series of electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The line was introduced in 2011. It is a quality label Ibanez uses for Indonesian-made instruments that are made with more attention to detail than the standard models.

Where is the Ibanez Premium line made?

Ibanez Premium Series guitars offer many of the features of their hand-built–in–Japan Prestige Series, but are assembled in Ibanez’s Indonesian factory.

Is my Ibanez fake?

1. Bad finishing, the fretboard isn’t properly installed, the wood cutting isn’t done properly, the color of the paint just looks terrible, the guitar has wrong body shape etc. 2. Generally, the hardwares such as bridge and tuners used are aftermarket products (there’s no “Ibanez” logo on them).

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Are there fake Ibanez?

Here are some examples of these fakes. Ibanez Japan has made a public service announcement which amounts to little more than notice that fakes exist and that there are a lot of them on “auction sites”. Here. JEM7VWH – Authentic, Team J Craft version which have the Edge Pro trem, the most commonly faked VWH’s today.

What year was my Ibanez made?

From 1987 through 2008, Ibanez manufactured guitars in Korea. The letter indicates in which factory in Korea the guitar was manufactured.


00001–02999 November
03000-05999 December
06000-08999 January
09000-11999 February

Where are Ibanez guitars made at?

Most Ibanez guitars were made by the FujiGen guitar factory in Japan up until the mid- to late 1980s, and from then on Ibanez guitars have also been made in other Asian countries such as Korea, China, and Indonesia.

Where are Ibanez AZ guitars made?

These instruments are built in the famous Fujigen facility in Japan, with a greater emphasis on hand-building. Outside of the fabled (are relatively rare) J-Custom department, who make limited runs of high-end models, Prestige Ibanez guitars are the highest quality available.

What Ibanez models are made in Japan?

Guitar models manufactured in Japan

  • JPM100.
  • RG7620.
  • SC500N.
  • 540S.