Best answer: What is Khan in Khmer?

In Phnom Penh the districts are called khan (ខណ្ឌ, khăn), and their subdivisions sangkat (សង្កាត់, sángkăt) which are smaller in the other provinces. Sangkat are further subdivided into phum, which are usually translated as villages, though they do not necessarily cover one single settlement.

What is a sangkat in Cambodia?

The communes of Cambodia (ឃុំ khum/សង្កាត់ sangkat) are the third-level administrative divisions in Cambodia. They are the subdivisions of the districts and municipalities of Cambodia. Communes and quarters can consist of as few as 3 or as many as 30 villages (phum), depending on the population.

What does sangkat mean?

In Cambodia, a political subdivision equivalent to a quarter of a district, which is a subdivision of a city.

How many Khan are there in Cambodia?

This is a list of Cambodia’s 162 districts (ស្រុក srok), 27 municipalities (ក្រុង krong) and 14 sections (ខណ្ឌ khan) organized by each province and an autonomous municipality (Phnom Penh). Each has a code in parentheses displaying the first two digits as the province and the last two representing that province.

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How many sangkat in Khan Mean Chey?

As of 2020, Mean Chey is subdivided into seven Sangkats (communes) and 59 Phums (villages).

What does Srok mean in Khmer?

Srok Khmer (lit. ” Khmer land” or “Land of the Khmer”), a colloquial exonym used to refer to Cambodia by Cambodians; see Names of Cambodia. Khmer people, the ethnic group to which the great majority of Cambodians belong. Khmer Americans, Americans of Khmer (Cambodian) ancestry.

What is the difference between commune and district?

is that municipality is a district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts; a borough, city, or incorporated town or village while commune is a small community, often rural, whose members share in the ownership of property, and in the division of labour; the members of such a community.

Which province is the poorest in Cambodia?

Areas with high poverty rates include Ratanak Kiri, Kampong Thom, and Preah Vihear. According to a study conducted, Ratanak Kiri had a poverty rate of 55.2 percent, Preah Vihear had a poverty rate of 72.3 percent, and Kampong Thom had a poverty rate of 75.8 percent.

What is the biggest province in Cambodia?

The largest province by area is Mondulkiri and the smallest is Kep which is also the least populated province.

Provinces of Cambodia.

Province ខេត្ត
Location Cambodia
Number 25
Populations 42,665 (Kep) – 2,281,951 (Phnom Penh)
Areas 336 km2 (130 sq mi) (Kep) – 14,288 km2 (5,517 sq mi) (Mondulkiri)

What is the smallest province in Cambodia?

Kep province (Khmer: ខេត្តកែប, Kêb [kaep]) is the smallest province (khaet) of Cambodia covering 336 km2 (130 sq mi), with a population of 41,798.

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What is Cambodia known for?

What is Cambodia Most Famous For?

  • Angkor Wat.
  • The Bayon.
  • Ta Prohm.
  • Tonlé Sap Lake.
  • Apsaras Dance Performance.
  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum & Choeng Ek Memorial.
  • Phnom Penh Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda.
  • Koh Rong.

How many cities are in Cambodia?

Cambodia has 1 cities with more than a million people, 4 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 23 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Cambodia is Phnom Penh, with a population of people.

What is district in Khmer?

A district of a province, which is called Srok (ស្រុក, srŏk), is divided into “communes” (khum; ឃុំ, khŭm). A commune is further divided into “villages” (ភូមិ, phum). In Phnom Penh the districts are called khan (ខណ្ឌ, khăn), and their subdivisions sangkat (សង្កាត់, sángkăt) which are smaller in the other provinces.

Where is Stung Meanchey?

Stung Meanchey Municipal Waste Dump was located in southern Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in a district of the city of the same name. The landfill was nicknamed as “Smokey Mountain”. It was a part of the city with low-income neighbourhoods and slums. The dump itself covered about 100 acres, or almost 6 hectares.

How many sangkat are there in Khan 7 Makara?

‘Seventh of January’) is the smallest district in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 8 sangkats and 33 kroms.