Your question: How do I know my Ren Number Malaysia?

Certified RENs will all be assigned a registration number of their own. You can ask the particular agent/negotiator for this number, and conduct a quick search at

How do I find my REN number?

Before you can apply for a REN Tag, you will first need to attend the 2 Days Negotiator Certification Course and receive a Certificate of Attendance from BOVAEP. Upon successful submission of your REN application to BOVAEP, BOVAEP will take approximately 7 to 14 working days to issue the REN Tag.

What is REN ID?

REN Tag is an identification tag issued to a Real Estate Negotiator (REN). It contains all the information including their name, photo, IC no, REN no, firm name, firm registration no, quick respond code (QR) and security features, This tag must be worn by the REN at all times during their conduct of business.

How can I get REN in Malaysia?

To be qualified as an REN, you must first attain the following requirements to be employed by the Real Estate firm;

  1. Complete a two-day course called the Negotiator’s Certification Course, with modules that include the basics of estate agency best-practice, laws, and regulations.
  2. Obtain a certificate of attendance.
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How can I check my real estate license in Malaysia?

Check if firm name registered with Board (BOVAEAP)

Another way to verify if their license is real is to check if their firm name is registered with BOVAEAP. You can either call 603-22876666 or search their webpage (

What is REN Malaysia?

A real estate negotiator (REN) is a qualified professional with appropriate accreditation to work in the industry. They must be over 18, and must be attached to a registered firm on a full-time basis. … A REN gains their accreditation through attending a two-day course known as the ‘Negotiators Certificate’.

How do you know if a Realtor is legit?

You can verify whether a real estate broker or salesperson is licensed or has been subject to any disciplinary action by visiting California DRE’s Public License Information webpage or by calling the California DRE’s Public Information Line at (877) 373-4542.

How do I get REN?

How to buy REN

  1. Compare crypto exchanges. The easiest way to buy REN is from a cryptocurrency exchange. …
  2. Create an account. To create an account on an exchange you will need to verify your email address and identity. …
  3. Make a deposit. …
  4. Buy REN.

What is REN agent?

A Real Estate Negotiator (REN) is an individual who is employed by a registered Estate Agent. They are not registered with the Board but certified to practice. … With the certificate, they can seek employment either on a ‘Contract of Service’ or ‘Contract for Service’ with a Real Estate firm.

What is registered real estate agent?

Being registered gives the individual the right to own and operate their own real estate agency as well as hire up to 50 Real Estate Negotiators (who will then need to give a portion of their commissions to the agency).

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Is property agent a good job in Malaysia?

We assure you that a real estate career is one of the best careers to consider as it can potentially bring high earnings in a short time while allowing job flexibility. The real estate agent course by Good Institute is also one of the cheapest diploma course in Malaysia.

How much does a real estate negotiator earn in Malaysia?

Near MYR 3,000 is where most candidates for this role have reported their salary. The frequency of higher salaries can indicate potential for salary growth. At the lower to mid end of the recorded salaries, we find the average salary of MYR 4,000 for a Real Estate Agent.

How much do realestate agents make Malaysia?

RM88,156 (MYR)/yr.

How do I verify an estate agent?

To verify estate agents’ legality, buyers can request a copy of the fidelity fund certificate from the agent. Alternatively, they can contact the EAAB call centre on 087-285-3222.

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