You asked: What is Mekhong Thai Spirit?

What does Mekhong taste like?

The flavor is bittersweet orange and ginger, with a tinge of artificiality about it. The finish has a raw edge. Mekhong Whiskey is bottled at 35% alcohol. Mekhong Whiskey is the liquor of choice for Thailand’s everyman, and it is never consumed neat by the locals.

What is the traditional alcohol of Thailand?

Mekhong (แม่โขง) is Thailand’s first domestically produced branded golden spirit. It is also known as “The Spirit of Thailand”.

What alcohol is drunk in Thailand?

Many Thais drink beer and strong local alcoholic drinks such as Mekhong Whiskey. Singha is the most popular brand of beer. Imported beer, wine and whiskey are available but expensive. Thais sometimes put ice in their beer.

What is sangsom made from?

SangSom (แสงโสม) is a rum from Thailand, distilled from sugarcane. It was introduced in November 1977 and has since become a dominant brand in the Thai spirits market. Over 70 million litres are sold in Thailand each year, achieving a market share of more than 70 percent in its category.

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How do you make Thai Sabai?

Roughly tear the basil leaves, drop them into a shaker, then add the rum, syrup, lime juice and a handful of ice cubes. Shake well, then strain into a tumbler over ice and top with soda water. Garnish with the basil sprig and lime wedge, and serve.

How much is a bottle of whiskey in Thailand?

Thai whiskey

A 0,7 liter bottle of this drink costs 250 baht.

What kind of alcohol goes with Thai food?

The sweet muskiness of Pinot Gris works well with most Thai dishes, while a sweet Riesling goes with Thai-spiced seafood, stir-fries, and salads. Do you prefer beer with your food? Citrusy, spicy beers go best with hot and sour Thai dishes, while beef salad is the ideal match for an ice-cold Singha beer.

Is Moonshine legal in Thailand?

The Thai government recently legalized the moonshine trade in an effort to generate revenue for the country’s sagging domestic economy.

What drink goes with Thai?

Which drinks pair best with Thai food?

  • Spätlese and other off-dry Riesling. Again, a touch of sweetness really helps, giving German and Austrian. …
  • Gewürztraminer. …
  • Sylvaner. …
  • Sauvignon Blanc and other intensely citrussy whites such as Rueda. …
  • Torrontes.

What unusual way do Thai people drink beverages?

Drinking the Thai Way

Rather than ordering individual cocktails, groups of Thais often prefer to order a bottle of spirits to share. A bucket of ice and a few optional mixers are then ordered and put on the table. Popular mixers are sparkling soda water and Coke or Sprite.

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How do people in Thailand drink their beer?

Drinking beer with ice is a normal thing to do. Normally, whisky and vodka are mixed with soda. People usually drink in bars, restaurants and night clubs. Rice whisky is very popular all over Thailand and some people make their own whisky with rice illegally.

Do Thai people drink a lot of alcohol?

Thai people are pretty familiar with alcohol in its various forms- with locally brewed beer being one of the most popular types of alcohol consumed. Singha is the most popular of these local brands, with Chang close behind. … For example, particular types of alcohol are associated with some traditional Thai festivals.

Is SangSom rum or whiskey?

SangSom is a Thai rum that gained great popularity in the 1980s, thankfully it is once again beginning to get a lot more attention internationally. SangSom is made from sugar cane molasses and is aged in oak barrels.

Is SangSom Whisky or rum?

SangSom Special Rum is a rum that has to undergo a special production process, resulting in a fine liquor that has been distilled and aged in oak barrels for 5 years, after that, it is blended with a special concentrate of finely selected herbs and spices and the best quality alcohol to give SangSom that special taste …

Is SangSom a whiskey?

SangSom in Chiang Mai

Sold as “thai whiskey” in most bars, it is actually rum, made from molasses, and tastes like someone spit in a moldy shoe, and, needing a profit, bottled it and called it whiskey.