Which is the main airport in Vietnam?

What is the major airport in Vietnam?

Tan Son Nhat is Vietnam’s largest international airport and serves Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon).

What is the name of international airport in Vietnam?

Civil airports

Location ICAO Airport name
Hanoi VVNB Noi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh City VVTS Tan Son Nhat International Airport
Huế VVPB Phu Bai International Airport

How many International Airport are in Vietnam?

Vietnam is served by three main international airports: Noi Bai International Airport (HAN), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) and Da Nang International Airport (DAD) located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang respectively.

How many domestic airports are there in Vietnam?

In addition to the eleven international airports, Vietnam also has twelve domestic airports. Domestic Airlines are the easiest mode of transport across the country and popular carriers such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, and Jetstar Pacific offer economical fares on domestic flights.

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Which is the capital of Vietnam?

Hanoi, also spelled Ha Noi, city, capital of Vietnam. The city is situated in northern Vietnam on the western bank of the Red River, about 85 miles (140 km) inland from the South China Sea.

What is the name of Ho Chi Minh International Airport?

Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The IATA code for the airport is SGN. Cleartrip provides information about the different airline brands that operate from Ho Chi Minh City airport and also a list of top domestic and international routes from Ho Chi Minh City.

How can I go to Vietnam from India?

The best way to reach Vietnam from India is by taking a flight from Bangalore. The distance between India and Vietnam is roughly 3194 kilometres (1,985 miles) and your flight time is about 4 hours.

What is the name of Bhutan airport?

Paro International Airport (PBH) Paro. The only airport of Bhutan, Paro Airport ( PBH ) is situated in the Paro Valley at an elevation of 2,235 metre. Set on the bank of Paro River, amidst lofty peaks, Paro Airport is considered among the world’s most challenging airports and offers limited flight services.

What is the main airport in Cambodia?

The IATA code for the Phnom Penh airport is PNH.

Which is better Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh?

Hanoi is ideal for those looking to experience a more traditional lifestyle while Ho Chi Minh City’s urban landscape is best suited for luxury travellers. You can also explore the best of both worlds as domestic flights between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are available on a daily basis.

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What is the best airline to fly to Vietnam?

The most helpful airlines for flights to Vietnam are:

  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Japan Airlines.
  • Korean Air (round-trip flights only)

Who flys direct to Vietnam?

Currently, Vietnam Airlines is the only airline that flies direct to Vietnam.

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

While this variety makes Vietnam a year-round destination, spring (March to April) is typically the best time to visit the entire country, when days are generally pleasant, temperatures are moderate and rainfall is light.

How can I go to Vietnam from Delhi?

Opting for an airline is the best way to get from the Indian capital to Vietnam. Delhi to Vietnam distance by air is only 3000 km, which is much less than the land distance. Although, most flights are not direct and take layovers at Bangkok and Singapore, it is still the fastest route toreach here.