What jobs can international students do in Malaysia?

International students are also allowed to work in restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels except in the following positions: cashier, singer, masseur, musician, Guest Relations Officer or any activity deemed to be immoral.

How can an international student get a job in Malaysia?

Applications for working part-time must be made through the educational institutions where the international student is studying. To submit an application, the international student will have to visit the Immigration Department of Malaysia with the representative of the institution.

Can international students work in Malaysia?

All international students studying at public or private higher education institutions are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week ONLY during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days at restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels as long as their student passes remain valid.

How much can international students earn in Malaysia?

On average depending on difficulty of your project, you can earn RM25 – 50 per hour in Malaysia. You can work from home and according to your time preference.

What are top 5 jobs that international students do?

Top 10 Jobs for International Students

  • Waiter.
  • Kitchen hand.
  • Bartender.
  • Call Centre Staff.
  • Customer Services Officer.
  • Cleaner.
  • Receptionist.
  • Sales Representatives.
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How can a student earn in Malaysia?

Top 10 Creative Ways for International Students to Earn Money in…

  1. Social Media Blogging. …
  2. Affiliate marketing and Referrals. …
  3. Graphic Design (Freelancing) …
  4. Photography/ Shutter-stock. …
  5. Language exchange/ Home Tutoring. …
  6. eBay/Carousell Online Seller. …
  7. Personal development mentor-ship. …
  8. Currency exchange/ stock market.

Is Malaysia good for job?

Employment opportunities are plenty and costs of living are relatively low. Malaysia has excellent health care facilities and there are many international schools to choose from if you settle here with children. Malaysia is a developed country so the change in transition is not too much to handle.

Is it easy to get job in Malaysia?

Searching for a job in Malaysia is a challenging experience. The market is highly competitive in Malaysia and may pose a lot of difficulties even for successful professionals. That being said, you may find that the effort is worth it.

Is it hard for international students to get a job?

Job hunting is always hard, but for international students, the process is even more difficult and frustrating. Oftentimes, employers are hesitant to hire international students. … Hiring international students can be costly and time-consuming. Fear of new hires leaving after six months or a year.

What is the most common job in Malaysia?

Number of employed persons in Malaysia 2020, by occupation

In 2020, there were approximately 3.63 million people employed as service and sales workers in Malaysia, making it the largest occupational group there. In that same year, around 15 million people were in employment in Malaysia.

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