Quick Answer: How many people use line in Indonesia?

Indeed, Line has become one of the most popular messaging applications in the country. Revie Sylviana, Strategic Partnership Director of Line Indonesia, claims that Line already has 90 million users in Indonesia, and 80 percent of them are young people.

Is LINE big in Indonesia?

Today Japan-based messaging app Line announced its breakdown of registered user numbers in its top countries. It reveals there are now 30 million registered Line users in Indonesia. Indonesia is now Line’s second biggest country outside of its native Japan. …

How many LINE users are there in Indonesia?

Number of registered LINE app users in selected countries as of October 2014 (in millions)

Characteristic Total registered users in millions
Indonesia 30
Spain 18
India 18
Taiwan 17

How many people use the LINE app?

LINE is a Japan-based, cross-platform mobile messenger app with about 84 million monthly active users in its home market as of 2020.

How many users does LINE music have?

The service, run by social-media firm Line, now has 11 million monthly active users, with more than 32 million downloads of its app so far.

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Is Line available in Indonesia?

Line Corporation, best known for its messaging app, will launch a digital banking platform in Indonesia this month. This means Japan-based Line Corp. will offer banking services in three of its biggest overseas markets: Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Which is better LINE or WhatsApp?

Considering the apps and their features, LINE does a better job than WhatsApp in most aspects. … However, the one big advantage WhatsApp has is that it has a larger base of users. So, while LINE may be a better tool, most people end up using WhatsApp because of its popularity.

Which country use LINE most?

Currently, LINE is most widely used in Japan with over 78 million monthly active users and has over 187 million monthly active users worldwide.

Is LINE still popular?

LINE isn’t as popular in the US as in Japan or Taiwan, but is still used by some people. The main reason is because it hard to have people switch to a new messaging app when they are already established on another.

Why LINE is popular in Asia?

LINE and WeChat became popular in Japan and China, respectively, mainly because that’s where those apps were launched. … In LINE and WeChat, the voice recording button appears right next to the text box. This feature tends to be more popular in some Asian countries because of language.

Why LINE is popular in Japan?

The success story of the messaging service LINE started back in 2011 during the Great East Japan Earthquake. … The app was released for public use later that year, appealing greatly to Japanese consumers due to its unique and customizable design, allowing both private and business usage simultaneously.

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Which countries uses LINE?

Line reported that it has 218 million monthly active users worldwide, around two-thirds of whom are based in its top four countries: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

How many people use LINE in Singapore?

At its heyday in 2014, LINE Singapore used to be the buzz in town, with LINE pop up stores popping up here and there, and its user numbers swelled to over 200 million monthly active users in 2015.

Why LINE is popular in Thailand?

The service originated in Japan, where its makers designed a distinctive chat environment based heavily around stickers. These stickers proved to be wildly popular in Thailand, where users found them to be a fantastic way to express their emotions.

How many LINE users are there in Thailand?

As of July 2020, the average number of Line Man users per day on the Dtac mobile network in Thailand amounted to around one million. Since March 2020, such value grew by 22 percent. Line Man app provides services for food, grocery, package delivery, messenger, and taxi service in Thailand.