Question: Who wrote Myanmar Bible?

By 1823, ten years after his arrival, membership of the little church had grown to 18, and Judson had finally finished the first draft of his translation of the entire text of the New Testament in Burmese.

Who wrote Burmese Bible?

Adoniram Judson, (born Aug. 9, 1788, Malden, Mass., U.S.—died April 12, 1850, at sea, Indian Ocean), American linguist and Baptist missionary in Myanmar (Burma), who translated the Bible into Burmese and wrote a now standard Burmese dictionary.

Is there a Burmese Bible?

A. Judson / The Holy Bible in Maynmar (Burmese) MYAN JV32: Rev. A. Judson: Books.

Who wrote Bible in India?

India has the world’s second-highest number of languages (780), after Papua New Guinea (839). The first known translation of any Christian Scripture in an Indian language was done to Konknni in 1667 AD by Ignacio Arcamone, an Italian Jesuit.

Who wrote the first vernacular Bible?

Altogether there are 13 medieval German translations before the Luther Bible. In 1466, Johannes Mentelin published the first printed Bible in the German language, the Mentelin Bible, one of the first printed books in the German language and also the first printed vernacular Bible.

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Who translated Bible in Burmese?

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated into Burmese by Adoniram Judson. 2d ed. Maulmain, Burma: Printed at the American Baptist Mission Press for the American and Foreign Bible Society and the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, 1840.

Who was the first missionary to Burma?

At the age of 25, Adoniram Judson was sent from North America to preach in Burma. His mission and work with Luther Rice led to the formation of the first Baptist association in America to support missionaries.

Adoniram Judson
Alma mater Brown University and Andover Theological Seminary
Occupation Missionary to Burma

Who wrote Tamil Bible?

The history of Bible translations into the Tamil language commences with the arrival of Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg at Tranquebar in 1706. Johann Philipp Fabricius, a German, revised Ziegenbalg’s and others work to produce the standard Tamil version.

Who brought first Bible in India?

300 Years Ago, India’s Very First Bible Was Translated Into Tamil By A German Missionary. Over three hundred years ago on January 3, 1714, the first Indian Bible was translated by a German missionary to Tamil.

Who printed first Bible in India?

One sharp pull on the hand-press bar and the Indian Bible was born. Three hundred years ago — on January 3, 1714 — missionaries in the tiny Danish coastal colony of Tharangambadi began printing an edition of the Four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles in Tamil.

Which Bible is used by Lutherans?

The The Lutheran Study Bible is ESV, but the New KJV is also popular. Some translations are better for reading out loud, some for studying. The important thing is that the translation is faithful and not a paraphrase.

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Which Bible version is closest to the original?

The English Bible Translation is known as the most accurate Bible version due to large number of excellent translations.