How much is 25KG rice in Philippines?

How much is 25 kg of rice in the Philippines?

Jasmine Premium Rice 25kg Prices and Specs in Philippines | 02/2022 | For As low As 1,100.00.

How much is rice in the Philippines?

The average domestic retail price of palay or rice in the Philippines was around 41.68 Philippine pesos per kilogram in 2020. The retail price of palay was highest in 2018 at roughly 45 Philippine pesos per kilo.

How much is a sack of rice in the Philippines?

50, depending on quality and variety. At these price ranges, she explained that wholesale prices of milled rice might be around P1,850 to P2,000 per sack.

How much is 10 kg of rice in the Philippines?

Cheapest Goldmine Chao Rice 10Kg Price in Philippines is ₱ 595.00.

How much is jasmine rice in the Philippines?

Cheapest Farmboy Jasmine Rice Price in Philippines is ₱ 160.00.

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What is the rate of rice?

Rice Market Rates in Karnataka

Commodity Variety Min Price
Rice Broken Rice 1830.00 INR/Quintal
Rice Coarse 1900.00 INR/Quintal
Rice Fine 3600.00 INR/Quintal
Rice Medium 2800.00 INR/Quintal

How much is 25Kg bag of rice?

5kg Pack of Basmati rice sells inside the scope of ₦4,500 to ₦6,500. The 50kg pack of Lake ride is sold inside the scope of ₦25,000 and ₦30,500, while the 25kg goes for ₦12,500 and ₦15,250.

How much is a kilo of rice in the Philippines 2021?

In addition, the average retail price of rice in NCR grew 2.7 percent in the first half to P42. 61 per kilo. “The monthly average retail prices of rice for this period were higher than their respective records in 2020 except in June 2021 at P42. 73 per kilo,”the PSA said.

How much does 1kg of rice cost?

1 Kg Basmati Rice, 5kg And 25 Kg, Rs 75 /kilogram Shiva Baba Traders | ID: 18339082848.

How much is 1kg of rice in the Philippines?

The price of 1 kg (~ 35 oz.) of white rice in Manila is Php53.

How much is a Cavan of rice?

Cavan was reported in the late 19th century as a measure for rice equivalent to 98.28 litres. Various references from the same period describe it as a unit of mass: for rice, 133 lb (about 60.33 kg); for cocoa, 83.5 lb, (about 37.87 kg) one source says on the average 60 kg for rice and 38 kg for cacao).

How many kilos are there in 1 sack of rice?

How many packages of rice can be prepared out of 1 sack of rice (50kg) if a pack of rice weighs 2 1/2 kg? 1 pack = 2 1/2 kg, so 2 packs = 2(2 1/2 kg) = 5 kg.

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Which is better Dinorado or Sinandomeng?

The difference is that Dinorado is a little sticky than Sinandomeng. Dinorado is more fragrant than Sinandomeng, but not as fragrant Jasmine Rice. Dinorado is good for congee and daily rice. Sinandomeng is the usual rice variety for daily meal.

What is the best rice in the Philippines?

Top 10 Rice Varieties to Buy When You Are Shopping For Groceries

  1. Doña Maria Jasponica Brown (5kg) …
  2. Doña Maria Jasponica White Rice (5kg) …
  3. Doña Maria Miponica White (2kg) …
  4. Doña Maria Miponica Brown (5kg) …
  5. Jordan Farms Authentic Basmati Rice (2kg) …
  6. Jinsei Japanese Rice (2kg) …
  7. Harvester’s Dinorado Rice (5kg)

Which brand rice is best?

List of the Best Rice Brands in India

  • DAAWAT. DAAWAT Rice. Buy Now. …
  • India Gate. India Gate Rice. Buy Now. …
  • Kohinoor. Kohinoor Basmati Rice. Buy Now. …
  • Aeroplane. Aeroplane Rice. Buy Now. …
  • Sri Sri Tattva. Sri Sri Tatva Rice. Buy Now. …
  • Patanjali. Patanjali Rice. …
  • 24 Mantra Organic Rice. 24 Mantra Organic Rice.