Frequent question: Is Khao Suey Thai or Burmese?

Khow Suey (khao suey) is the Burmese version of the popular Thai dish Khao Soi. This recipe is a one-pot easy version that has all the wonderful flavors of the original. A warm bowl of tender noodles and chicken cooked in creamy coconut curry broth makes this a hearty and comforting meal.

Where does khao suey come from?

Khow suey is a noodle dish in a spiced coconut milk soup that is served with a number of condiments. It originated in Burma, Myanmar, and is said to have come to East India with people who migrated during World War II.

Is khao soi a Burmese?

Khao Soi is a Northern Thai street food, and is also served in Burma. The ingredients are familiarly Thai, but with the addition of egg noodles and curry powder to showcase the Burmese influence. The flavor is rich and savory, and punctuated by seasoning of fish sauce, lime, and just a little bit of sugar.

What cuisine is khao suey?

Khow suey (from Burmese: ခေါက်ဆွဲ), is a noodle soup made of egg noodles and curried beef or chicken with coconut milk, served with a variety of contrasting condiments.

Khow suey.

Alternative names khausa khousay khausey
Type Noodle soup
Place of origin Burma
Region or state Lower Burma
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Is Khao Suey Chinese?

The name khao soi is derived from the Lao language meaning ‘sliced rice’: khao is “rice” and soi means “sliced” and it is probably where the dish got its name. … It is popular as a street dish eaten by Thai people in northern Thailand, though not frequently served in Thai restaurants abroad.

What does Khao mean Thai?

Khao (Thai: ข้าว, pronounced [kʰâːw]), the term for ‘rice’ in the Thai and Lao languages; see Rice production in Thailand and Rice production in Laos.

Is laksa and Khao Suey same?

Is Khao Soi the same as Curry Laksa? Khao Soi is not the same as Curry Laksa because the difference is that Khao Soi is made with egg noodles and topped with a crispy noodle garnish. Laksa refers to the Malaysian version of a combination of flavors deriving from both Khao Poon and Khao Soi.

Where did khao soi originate?

Myanmar staple food rice and curry

Rice is the Myanmar staple food and a typical Myanmar meal includes a plate of steam-rice as the main dish and accompanying dishes with different curries of fish, chicken or pork, salad, a bowl of light soup and a curried sauce of pickle fish (ngapi yay).

What is chop suey in Chinese food?

Chop Suey (杂碎, zásuì in Mandarin) refers to “odds and ends” or miscellaneous leftovers. It’s a dish combining all those odds and ends into a stir-fry of meat and vegetables, coated in a tasty sauce. Today we might call chop suey a fridge clean-out dish.

Is Khao Suey healthy?

While the tasty Burmese KhaoSuey has a lot of health benefits and is considered a healthy meal, it may also have some disadvantages for some people. Â Since coconut milk makes the base of the dish and has health benefits, it may also have some side-effects that one should know about.

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When was khao soi invented?

One version of history dictates that khao soi first came to Chiang Mai when Chinese Muslims (Yunnanese Muslims) moved to the north of Thailand and lived in Chiang Mai in the late 19th or early 20th century. Khao soi is a dish that mixes the curry from Muslim culture with the noodles from the Chinese.

Where is khao soy from?

Yes, khao soi is one of those rare dishes that is simultaneously delicious and quite healthy. Unlike other delicious foods, it doesn’t rely on an abundance of sugar or fat to taste good.