Does Indonesia censor the Internet?

Censorship. Internet filtering in Indonesia was deemed ‘substantial’ in the social arena, ‘selective’ in the political and internet tools arenas, and there was no evidence of filtering in the conflict/security arena by the OpenNet Initiative in 2011 based on testing done during 2009 and 2010.

What is the internet like in Indonesia?

Indonesia has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the world. Even so, it has a relatively low internet penetration rate compared to other countries in Asia. As of December 2019, 171.26 million out of the country’s total population of over 270 million were active internet users.

Is Netflix banned in Indonesia?

Netflix was only allowed to resume services in mid-2020, after being banned in Indonesia for four years. … Despite its ban, Netflix doubled down on its efforts in the country by creating a fully localised Bahasa Indonesia user interface for Indonesian users, complete with Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.

Why is Vimeo banned in Indonesia?

In 2017, the government blocked popular chat app Telegram for being a network for terrorist activity, although that ban was later reversed. In 2018, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Reddit were all blocked for hosting content featuring nudity, which is considered pornography in Indonesia.

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Is internet in Indonesia good?

According to the Speedtest Global Index, as of March 2019, Indonesia is placed 118 out of 139 countries for its mobile internet speed of 10.51 Mbps, and 111 out of 178 for its fixed broadband speed of 16.65 Mbps. …

Why is WIFI in Indonesia slow?

Geographical conditions in Indonesia are dominated by mountains rivers and this is claimed to be the strong factor behind the slow connectivity. This geographical condition often led to failure in building communication infrastructure.

Why is Indonesia’s internet so slow?

Communications and Information Technology Minister Rudiantara believes Internet connection speeds in Indonesia still lag far behind those in other countries in the region, due insufficient broadband infrastructure, especially in remote areas.

Why is streamable blocked in Indonesia?

Jakarta. The Indonesian government has blocked 1,130 illegal streaming websites in a major crackdown on video piracy, a minister said on Wednesday. Communication and Information Technology Minister Johnny Plate said the move was taken to protect intellectual property rights.

Does Netflix exist in Indonesia?

Not long ago, precisely January 7th, 2016, Netflix is present in Indonesia. Netflix is a rental service film / series online with the subscription each month. … Netflix predicted can answer Indonesian problems in watching foreign movies/series.

How much does Netflix cost in Indonesia?

How much does Netflix cost? Watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device, all for one fixed monthly fee. Plans range from IDR54,000 to IDR186,000 a month. No extra costs, no contracts.

Is YouTube blocked in Indonesia?

On April 8, YouTube, along with MySpace, Metacafe, RapidShare, Multiply, LiveLeak, and Fitna’s official site, were blocked in Indonesia on all ISPs. The blocking of YouTube was subsequently lifted on April 10.

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What countries is Vimeo blocked in?

Unfortunately, in some countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China to name a few), Vimeo is blocked and inaccessible. If you are in one of these countries and have subscribed to Yeners Way or purchased a tutorial individually, you may see a blank area where a tutorial video should appear.

Is Vimeo blocked in China?

For example, popular Western platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo are blocked in China because their content is user-generated. As another example, foreign users inside China are blocked from live streaming completely.

Which country has the slowest internet?

Turkmenistan has been recognized as the country with the slowest Internet in the world, with users needing almost a full day to download a movie.

Is Twitter banned in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s sophisticated internet filters are blocking Twitter photo and video uploads. … Backend servers for each of the social and messaging platforms were partially blocked in Indonesia as of Wednesday 22 May 2019 after authorities ordered a social media blackout amid an escalation of election protests.

Does Jakarta have internet?

Satellite-based Internet Access

Many office and apartment buildings in Jakarta offer broadband satellite access to their tenants. They connect your office’s PCs through a LAN operated by the building management, who has purchased the necessary transmitter equipment for connection via satellite to the Internet.