Are there dangerous snakes in the Philippines?

The Philippines is home to a variety of different snake species and some of them are indeed venomous, including a range of cobras, vipers, coral snakes and sea snakes which can potentially kill a human if they feel threatened.

What is the most venomous snake in the Philippines?

The Philippine cobra (Naja philippinensis) also called philippine spitting cobra or northern Philippine cobra, is a stocky, highly venomous species of spitting cobra native to the northern regions of the Philippines.

Philippine cobra
Family: Elapidae
Genus: Naja Laurenti, 1768
Species: N. philippinensis
Binomial name

Are there a lot of snakes in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a tropical nation made up of more than 7,000 islands. The ecosystems found throughout the archipelago are prime habitat for a large number of snake species. While most of the snake species found there are harmless, the Philippines is also home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world.

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Are there pythons in the Philippines?

Pythons. Reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus) are the only pythons that inhabit the rainforests of the Philippines. … Humans hunt reticulated pythons extensively throughout southeast Asia and use the large snakes for their meat and skins.

Are Philippine cobras aggressive?

Considered to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world, one strike from the Philippine Cobra is capable of killing a human in as little as 30 minutes. Fortunately for humans, the snake is quite shy and timid, preferring to avoid human contact whenever possible.

Does Philippines have cobras?

King cobras are found on Balabac, Jolo, Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, and Palawan. This species is uncommon throughout it’s Philippine range. Equatorial spitting cobras are found only on Palawan and some of the Calamian Islands.

Is Philippine rat snake poisonous?

The Reddish Rat Snake (also known as the Philippine Rat Snake) is one of the friendly serpents that hunts for rats in the farms of Tanay. … The rat snake does not have deadly venom. Instead it kills its prey by wrapping its body around it and then squeezing the animal until its heart stops.

Is Philippine pit viper poisonous?

Trimeresurus flavomaculatus (Philippine pit viper) is a venomous pit viper species endemic to the Philippines.

How can you tell if you have a cobra in the Philippines?

The Philippine cobra is a fairly stocky snake species of length 3.3 ft which is considered medium-sized and has a long hood. Its head is elliptical, depressed a little, distinct from the neck with a short rounded snout and large nostrils, the eyes are a moderate size with dark brown and round pupils.

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What snakes are in Cebu Philippines?

Brachymeles cebuensis is a rare skink endemic to Cebu. Secretive blind snakes such as Malayotyphlops hypogius and Ramphotyhlops cumingii are found on the island as well.

Is Philippine wolf snake venomous?

Behavior. Though the wolf snake is venomous, this venom is relatively mild. Even when they do bite humans, the impact is usually not harmful. … It is quite a nervous snake when picked up or handled and will not hesitate to bite.

Are there tigers in the Philippines?

Tigers were present from China, the Philippines through to Sunda throughout the Quaternary (Piper and Cranbrook 2007b; Piper et al. 2008; Louys 2012Louys , 2014 but their range has dramatically reduced during historical times as a result of hunting and habitat destruction.

How many snake species are in the Philippines?

The Philippine archipelago is an exceptionally biodiverse region that includes at least 112 species of land snakes from 41 genera and 12 families.

Can Philippine Cobra climb walls?

The answer is that yes, some species of snake are excellent climbers, and can climb walls. … The snake must have something to grab ahold of and push off of. Not even a rough surface will do – snakes can’t “stick” to walls the way insects, rats, and lizards often do.

What do you do if a king cobra bites you?

Identification of the species of snake responsible for the bite is important for optimal clinical management. Antivenom is the only effective antidote for snake venom.

What should you do if bitten by a cobra in the Philippines?

Top 5 things you need to do if you get bitten by a snake

  1. Call an ambulance immediately. …
  2. Don’t panic and don’t move. …
  3. Leave the snake alone. …
  4. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage and splint. …
  5. Don’t wash, suck, cut or tourniquet the bite.
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