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Gecko arrested after obstructing doorway

Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:49 am

BUENG KAN — The bravery of Thai police was put to the test once again on Thursday night – but this time the fugitive was a 10-inch long gecko.


Police officers were dispatched to a house in Bueng Khong Long, Bueng Kan after three female residents called the police to help them remove the reptile from their front door.

Once officers arrived at the scene, the suspect was found catching insects flocking around a lamp above the front door.

Although the gecko did not show any signs of hostility, it had still managed to frighten residents and prevent them from getting into the house.

Senior Sgt. Maj. Montri Nanam was able to arrest the gecko swiftly.

“I’m not scared of geckos,” Montri said. “I waited until it was engrossed by insects, went behind its back, seized its head, and removed it from the door.”

Netizens on Facebook page Thailand Police Story, where the story was first reported, praised the officers for coming to the aid of distressed citizens. Some, however, blamed the residents for overreacting.

“Is that your duty? Your duty is to arrest thieves. Leave geckos to the responsibility of their husbands,” Nilubon Sahassanon wrote.

Officers have not released the details of the residents who called them at the time of publication.

The gecko has been released into the wild, according to the police. It is not clear whether the gecko was charged with trespassing at night.

Thailand Police Story / Facebook