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Revenge! Thai wife hangs herself and son, 2, at home of husband's mistress next door

Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:37 am

A Thai wife - stressed that her husband was arranging for his mistress to move in next door - went there while it was unoccupied. 


She hanged the couple's two year old son from a beam in the house then hanged herself. 

Police who arrived at the house in the Klong Toei estate in Sanam Chai Khet, Chachoengsao found 26 year old "Neung" and 2 year old "Song" (assumed names) dangling from the ends of nylon cord. 

Decomposition had set in and they had been dead about three days. A plastic chair was also in the room.

Neung's mother said they lived with her and the woman's husband at a property next door. 

Her daughter's husband was a serial philanderer who had many wives and was always out. He had acquired the property next door so that his mistress could move in. 

Neung was so upset about this arrangement that she was in a state of constant stress. She left the house three days ago and did not return. The mother imagined that she had gone to stay with friends elsewhere to help relieve her stress. 

The bodies of her daughter and grandson were found when the previous owner of the next door property came to retrieve some items they had left behind. 

Daily News reported that when the husband arrived and saw what had happened he was smitten by grief. 

Neung's mother said she would not press any charges in the matter. 

Source: Daily News