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Busted: People running a hotel at Bangkok condominium arrested / charged in police / immigration raid

Sun May 26, 2019 6:51 am

The Thai Tourist Police Bureau page on Facebook reported that a 40 strong contingent of their men, immigration, protection agency officials and interpreters descended on a luxury Bangkok condominium on Thursday. The C Ekkamai had been reported to the authorities after complaints that people were renting rooms on a daily basis, not reporting the whereabouts of foreigners and effectively running a hotel in a condominium.


The TPB reported that one person was arrested for running a hotel without a licence. (Neither their name nor nationality was mentioned).

The owners of five rooms were charged with not reporting foreigners staying in their property. 

Five people were charged with illegally offering their rooms for daily rental. 

One person - who seemed to be a foreigner - was charged with not staying at an address they had previously reported.

Thaivisa notes that the issue of people offering daily rental through sites such as AirBnB and has blown up recently. 

Residents at condominiums are furious that facilities they paid for are being used for outsiders such as tourists to enjoy. They claim their safety is also at risk.

Only monthly and longer rentals are legal which led to Thursday's raid.

It was earlier reported that the C Ekkamai had its own check in desk and maid service and people there were flagrantly flouting the law - something the juristic person claimed they were powerless to stop. 

The TPB site added that they were looking for the web host who advertised the condos online. 

Source: Thai Tourist Police Bureau
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Re: Busted: People running a hotel at Bangkok condominium arrested / charged in police / immigration raid

Sun May 26, 2019 8:16 am

Not surprised they got busted ,(if the same condo) it was reported some time back about this,i find it hard to believe once it became common knowledge on Thai Media ,they didn't close down until at least the dust settled and were no longer under suspicion ,good news for the residents that ( if reported correctly in the past ) The Chinese got to greedy ,