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Cosplay teacher in a bar! Post sparks latest "appropriate or not" drama in Thailand

Fri May 24, 2019 11:28 am

Thais were debating whether sexy teacher pictures in a bar were appropriate.

The latest drama on Thai social media came about when a woman in a cosplay outfit posed in a bar. 


It came with the words that might be translated as follows: "Teacher is angry - can you stand it? I'm in class at the Heavenly Pussy Academy".

Spring Time News kept the foul Thai word for a female's genital organs out of the debate. 

The media said that debate was raging after the pictures appeared on the "Yaak Dang Diaw Jat Hay" (So you wanna be famous - we'll fix it for you) site. 

Thai posters were not all critical with many of the most liked comments taking a humorous line. 

One with 60+ likes suggested the "teacher" was in Pattaya, originally from Surin with enough money now for surgery.

Another popular post said: "Face lift, boob job...but the brain's the same". 

Thaivisa notes that many teachers in government schools wear these kind of outfits that are referred to as "civil service" attire. 

But they don't usually go to bars and pose then post on the internet.......

Source: Spring News