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Spanish man dies after having "one last massage"

Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:29 am

A 67 year old Spanish man telephoned a massage shop on Central Pattaya Road to say that he wanted one last massage before he went back to his home country for treatment for a medical condition.


When Mr Vincente Fernandez arrived he was taken care of by a massage lady on the second floor of the establishment. Owner Kinpana said that he had been in four or five times for massage before. 

He had brought some of his own massage cream for the lady to use and was given a 15 minute abdominal massage, reported Sanook. 

However he went into shock. The masseuse rushed down the stairs in a panic and Pattaya Memorial Hospital were called.
But Mr Fernandez died before he reached hospital.

Sawang Boriboon took the body for an autopsy at the Police Hospital.

The massage lady is helping police with their inquiries. 

A pre-existing medical condition is expected as the cause of death, said the police. 

Source: Sanook

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Re: Spanish man dies after having "one last massage"

Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:16 am

Well hopefully he got his last blast before he went out like a champion. Poor massage lass though, having a guy cark out on her while doing her biz. Seems to happen a lot though. Maybe she revealed she was a he during the act?