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Top 5 Thailand Hangover Cures

Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:23 am

Feeling fragile? Not for long with our favourite Thailand hangover cures. We’ve all been there haven’t we. Whether it was meant to be a quick beer and all of a sudden it’s 4am and you’re telling strangers in Hendrix bar how much you love Thailand, Sang Som and probably them too, or you just made it back alive from giving it large at the Full Moon party, Samui is a place that finds most visitors suffering from time to time.


We at Samui Life sympathise with your plight. And just so you know we feel your pain, we’ve put together this list of our top 5 Thai hangover cures to help you get out of bed.

A Fresh Coconut
An oldie but absolute goldie, the humble coconut is packed full of life-giving electrolytes that are guaranteed to restore at least a little of your former glory. Coconuts are available in plenty of restaurants all over Thailand, and especially on Koh Samui. They’re normally about 80 baht in restaurants, and around 30 from the street vendors who keep them on ice and can be found all over the island. And best of all they’re totally natural!

Khao Tom and Thai Iced Coffee
Khao tom is a Thai rice soup. It normally comes with chicken, chicken livers and an egg that’s added to the mix and cooks inside the hot, ricey broth. Chicken livers provide valuable iron, which mixed with the protein of the egg is great for that morning-after feeling. The best khao tom can usually be found between about 6am and 9am in stalls that also sell the popular Thai doughnuts served with condensed milk, pa thong ko. Thai iced tea or coffee is the perfect accompaniment to this breakfast and comes so heavily laced with caffeine and sugar that it’s bound to kick-start even the most lethargic of sufferers.

7/11 Care Package
If you just want to shoot to the nearest shop, avoid eye contact and grab some food and drink to take home and consume whilst glued to the TV in a zombie-like fashion, then look no further than your local 7/11 or Family Mart. There’s a huge selection of sugary crap at either store, none of which probably has any nutritional value whatsoever, but will definitely help you feel a bit better in the short term. When you’re feeling rough, a microwaved (they do this for you) ham and cheese croissant may taste like an upmarket piece of plastic, but it can really hit the hangover spot, especially served with crisps, crisps and more crisps. 7/11 also do nuclear-charged Thai iced tea or coffee, but if you don’t fancy either of those there’s a huge selection of energy drinks that should make the morning/afternoon or whenever you finally surface more manageable. Original yellow Sponsor is our pick of the bunch, although a particularly heavy night probably requires at least 2 bottles! Red velvet cake Magnum also comes highly recommended as a delicious sugar-packed dessert.

Sausage and Egg BootMuffin
Sometimes we all need a good bit of tasty, greasy breakfast – especially after a night of serious self-indulgence. I may be slightly biased as one of the owners, but if you like your brekkie served in style, then get yourself to Bootlegger restaurant in Ban Rak for our signature Sausage and Egg BootMuffin, and be sure to add hash browns! Breakfast burgers don’t get much better than this, but if you can’t be bothered to actually go down there, use the Hangover samui delivery service  and have your muffiny goodness delivered to your door.

Hair of the Dog
Alright, when all else fails there’s only one way forward – booze. Drinking when hungover will almost 100% cure your hangover, if not on the first or second drink then normally the third will do the trick. We would, however, like to encourage all our readers to drink responsibly. Hair of the dog when not done in moderation has been known to lead to extreme drunkenness and a general lack of respect for reality – bring on the Bloody Mary!

By Jeremy Briggs