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We want more Europeans and more cruise ships! Just one day but it's better than nothing

Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:53 am

Tourism operators in Koh Samui have called for the government to get more cruise ships to visit Thailand.


They may only stay - and spend - for a day but given the dire state of tourism at the moment it is better than nothing.

The latest visitor to Nathon Bay on Samui was the Costa Fortuna.  As the name perhaps implies, the tourists on board are quite well-heeled.

Boats ferried 3,000 Germans, Italians and Americans to the town for shopping and tours around the holiday island. They were met with thermometers and gels as COVID-19 fears abound. And the navy boarded the ship to investigate.

Suda, a tourism operator, told Siam Rath that there may be no Chinese coming anymore but the Europeans were more than welcome - even if it was just for one day.

Company owner Sanchai echoed the sentiments with both calling on the government to ensure that more cruise liners visit Thailand and make up the shortfall being experienced in these difficult, virus affected times.

Source: Siam Rath