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Old man harboured a 50 year bullying grudge from school - then shot his mate at class reunion

Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:01 am

Thai caption: Sorry about that mate.  A 69 year old man shot his friend of the same age after trouble that started in high school and continued to the present day.

Thanaphat, 69, had always asked Suthat to apologize for what happened in the 1960's but he refused.

After dinner at a restaurant in Ang Thong central Thailand on Saturday he once again asked his former high school buddy to say sorry. He didn't and an argument ensued. 
Ex navy man Thanaphat went to his car and got a 9 mm gun from a bag and shot the other man dead. 
He fled but later was persuaded by friends to give himself up and was yesterday taken on a reenactment in which he admitted everything. 
He said he didn't mean to kill Suthat and didn't think that he would die, reported Sanook. 
He said his apologies to a picture of the victim before being taken away on a warrant issued by the Ang Thong court.
Relatives later posted bail and he was released temporarily. 
Pol Col Mongkhon Phuwapraphachart said it shows what can happen when alcohol fuels arguments dragged up from the past. 
Source: Sanook