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Transport Minister wants to raise the speed limit to 120 kmph on all large roads

Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:41 am

New transport minister Saksayam Chidchob - whose family are famous for having a racetrack in Isaan - wants to raise the speed limit on main roads in Thailand.


The proposal was among a swathe of measures proposed yesterday at a meeting of the Transport Ministry to divvy up jobs and responsibilities among senior personnel.  

Saksayam wants several matters dealt with within the next month to improve safety, ease economic pressure on the public and improve the convenience of the people. 

One measure is to increase the speed limit on all four lane roads to 120 kilometer per hour. This would mean motorways and expressways, said Manager. 

Saksayam said that this would improve traffic flow. Most accidents, he said, were on two lane roads and due to bad driving.

Some portions of roads like the Chonburi Motorway already have a 120 kmph limit but this would apply to all sections and all big roads. 

The police would be consulted in order to effect change in this matter.

In addition the minister wants roadworks on Rama 2 Road and elsewhere completed quickly, wants to see action on PM 2.5 emissions from lorries and public transport vehicles and proposes a ban on all 10 wheel up trucks in Bangkok and Phuttamonthon except for midnight to 4 am. 

A reduction in expressway, motorway and tollway fees is also being proposed to ease the economic burden on the public. This will be 5 - 10 baht.

The minister has also promised that the issue of Grab Taxi will be resolved in three months. 

The Chidchob family run a Moto GP track in their NE stronghold of Buriram. 

Source: Manager