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Thai man sent beautiful Bai Por 2.3 million baht - she turns out to be an ugly fat Facebook fraudster!

Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:11 pm

Sanook has reported that a Thai man fell for what he thought was a beautiful woman on Facebook.


"Non" (not surprisingly an assumed name) fell in love with Bai Por - she was just adorable and why wouldn't he believe her profile.....

Their romance continued online for more than 2 years. He sent her 2.3 million baht in dozens of transfers. 

But he never met her in the flesh. 

Every time he suggested a meeting she was busy or sick. He was strung along but it was true love....

Then he realized that the picture of Bai Por she used on her profile was not her at all. It was really a beautiful woman he saw on the Line application called Nong Gee. 

His hopes and dreams were shattered - and he went to the Phlap Phla Chai police in Bangkok to register a complaint. A warrant for online fraud was issued. 

Police went to Chiang Mai but were not in time to arrest Bai Por - real name Thippawan, a 32 year old rotund woman from Cha-Am. 

They followed her trail to Phayao where she was arrested at the home of her boyfriend's mother in Mae Jo district.

Last night she was flown back to Bangkok to face the music.

Source: Sanook