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Chiang Mai Airport: Grab car driver says he was attacked - airport director denies it

Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:55 am

A Grab Car driver told the Thai media that he was attacked by officials at Chiang Mai airport and wound up in hospital. The airport director has said that is nonsense and has CCTV to back up his claim.

The row started when Suchart Chaipraya, 39, responded to a call to pick up foreign tourists at the airport.
He disobeyed airport regulations by entering the airport without a passenger. 
After the tourists entered the Ford car, security at the airport tried to get them to exit and they wanted to question the driver. 
He drove off but was stopped in another part of the terminal.

The tourists got out and Suchart was taken away for questioning. 

He said he was attacked in a room after trying to get away following a bathroom break. 
He admitted he shouldn't have gone to the airport but said he shouldn't have been attacked either. 
Airport director Amornrak Xumsai Na Ayudhya said the Grab car driver should not have been there are was blocking traffic. 
CCTV showed he had not been attacked and other footage from mobile phones has been supplied to the police.
He claimed that the Grab car driver was the one who had got out a weapon in the form of a short truncheon. 
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