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Evidence of prostitution found in Pattaya: Special forces descend on popular Soi 6 bar

Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:43 am

The special administrative department of the Pattaya authorities finally showed the police how to find evidence of prostitution in Pattaya. 


Just a few members of the squad uncovered what hundreds of police and top brass had failed to do in Walking Street the other week.

They busted the Coming Bar in Soi 6 last night. They even found evidence of underage sex.

The raid came after the Ronnasit Foundation went to the government watchdog Damrongtham with their suspicions and tips. 

It was found that sex was for sale at the bar that has 18 hostesses. 

Bar fines could be paid and the customers could take the women for sex upstairs to special rooms or away from the bar. 

One of the girls was found to be underage - aged just 17.

INN reported that the bar is owned by a consortium comprising Taiwanese, Chinese and Thai nationals. 

Charges relating to human trafficking, prostitution and procurement of women for underage sex have been made. 

INN said the 18 staff were interviewed separately to gather further evidence with which to prosecute the owners. 

The police were pictured taking credit for the bust at a press conference. 

A couple of weeks ago some 200 officials including top policemen went on a tour of bars in Walking Street looking for prostitution and drugs. 

Thaivisa reported that they found precisely nothing - a story that was then reported on more fully by the Thai press and widely shared amid much ridicule by the Thai and expatriate public. 

Source: INN