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Chinese tourist in Bangkok caught defecating in street next to shocked diners

Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:42 pm

Thai Rath reported that a Chinese male tourist had dropped his trousers and attempted to pooh down a drain in full view of street stall diners in downtown Bangkok. 


Poster Raweewan S. Boou said she was walking along Soi Texas in Yaowarat going to get some dessert.

The Chinese tourist was with a group of friends and was trying to direct his pooh down a hole - but failed. 

Thai Rath called the pooh a "massive" one in their headline. 

Raweewan said that the man had no tissues or water with him - she had no idea how he might clean himself. 

She said she felt sorry for him - the authorities should put some porta-loos into that area. 

She added that she was on her way to buy bananas in syrup - she cancelled that plan......

The picture has only just come to light - it was taken on March 26th. 

The other week a Chinese female tourist was caught urinating on the Airport Link train.

Source: Thai Rath