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Outrage after farang stars in Chiang Mai porn movie

Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:51 am

Social media users have called for the police to investigate the origins of an adult movie that was filmed in Chiang Mai.


A foreign tourist, which Manager described as the protagonist in the clip, is seen entering a Thai massage shop which appears to be located near Loi Kroh Road.

The man is greeted by a woman wearing traditional Lanna style clothing. 

She begins to give the man a massage but as the clip continues the pair can be seen engaging in various sexual positions. 

In its report, Manager shared a pixelated version of the clip, along with several photos.

Officials said that police are yet to receive an official report about the clip, which appears to have been shared on the Line app, but they have made some preliminary investigations. 

They said that the clip was filmed in several locations in downtown Chiang Mai.

They also said it was absolutely wrong that the clip was filmed in Thailand, for various reasons.

Firstly, the clip damages the good reputation Thailand and Chiang Mai has as a destination popular with tourists.

Secondly, after watching the clip, foreign tourists might mistake traditional Thai massage for something sexual or inappropriate
Officials said they will visit the locations in the clip in a bid to track down those involved.
Source: Manager