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Legitimate tourist or something else? Thai woman rants after being denied entry to Taiwan

Wed May 08, 2019 10:42 am

A Thai woman who was denied entry to Taiwan had some foul language in both Thai and English for the island nation. 

She suggested that she was a book being judged by its cover.
Dressed in a white vest and jeans the woman had flown from Chiang Mai to Taoyuan International Airport but was sent back.


She said in Thai: "Small country - "hia" people and "hia" immigration".

Hia meaning water monitor is a serious and abusive Thai insult. She continued:

"They make decisions based on how someone looks. I'll never go there again as long as I live". 

Meanwhile people online were debating what was her intended objective in going to Taiwan and might she have decided to dress more conservatively. 

In English that was partially obscured the woman added: "F**king Immigration Taipei" and what appeared to be "Lick my ass".

The post found its way onto the Jao Ying Noi Heng Andaman" (little Andaman princess) site on Facebook. 

Thaivisa notes that Thai women frequently encounter problems abroad due to the large number of their compatriots who work in the sex industry and travel to countries like Taiwan to work. 

Sometimes legitimate tourists complain of being tarred with the brush of being a prostitute. 

Spring News made no reference to this either way in their story. 

Source: Spring News