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[Udon Info] Expats in Thailand considering moving to Latin America prompted by Thai visa changes

Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:30 pm

It’s not news now that Thai visa new rules with embassy letters, income method rules without letters, massively confusing combo method, and more onerous rules for the retirement bank method are prompting many, many expats, some that have been here for several years to look elsewhere.

Image Source: Expats in Thailand considering moving to Latin America prompted by Thai visa changes

For those leaving or considering leaving Thailand the most popular choices are most likely some other nations in Asean or back to their home country. But it’s a big, big world, and there are other choices. For example Portugal, Spain, Malta, and Cyprus mostly of interest to Europeans. Then there is Latin America. Most people considering Latin America are from the U.S. and Canada but it’s really not that far from Europe either, and Latin America along with Asean are the most ripe regions for lower cost expatriation, retirement, etc. on the planet. This thread is intended to ONLY be about Latin American destinations. Nothing about other Asean nations, nothing about Europe, Africa, or any other region, OK? So now that I’ve introduced this topic, I want to say there are THAILAND specific issues with moving to Latin America. A major example is a number of the Latin American nations require translated and apostle documents about your police record if you’ve been living in Thailand, and probably from your home country as well. At this point in time, how exactly do you get that document for each country? Can you still get it after you’ve moved from Thailand? There will be time limits on such documents, so if you get it here, you need to rush to make your Latin American application (when required). Now to actual DESTINTATIONS. I think it’s fair to assume the majority of expats in Thailand looking at Latin American choices are seeking places that have lower level financial requirements. (So Brazil would likely not be very popular as their requirements are higher.) Beyond that, we all have (or should have if we are shopping for a new country) our individual list of priorities for a new country and specific place in the new country. That will vary with each individual. I will post mine in a separate post. So this thread is a open ended general discussion about both generalities and specifics covering the topic of current expats in Thailand considering moving to nations in Latin America. It can also include people that were planning on moving to Thailand but considering the recent developments, are now looking more seriously at Latin America. Participation by people with first hand experiences living in various places in Latin America of course very welcome.  

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