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Zero tolerance for drunk bus drivers at Songkran

Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:41 am

Thailand's Department of Land Transport has said that bus drivers caught with absolutely any alcohol in their system at Songkran will be immediately replaced.


Even if they are not over the legal limit for driving they could still face charges from the DLT in line with their procedures. 

And the operators of the services would also be held accountable, said DLT deputy Kamon Buranapong yesterday.

The move is part of measures to try and limit the number of deaths from alcohol related accidents at Songkran.

Kamon said that the many fatalities in the average daily death toll of 60 can be put down to alcohol consumption. 

Such fatalities become 80-120 per day during the holidays, he noted. 

Any bus driver with more than 0% alcohol in their system will therefore be replaced immediately. 

Charges against them and operators may follow later.

In other news 69 million baht is being spent in campaigns over the next few weeks until May to reach out to the Thai public trying to get them to stop drink driving. 

This along with nearly 200 checkpoints and the mobilization of 200,000 police is hoped to make a dent in the annual road carnage that is Songkran.

Source: Daily News