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[Udon Info] Dog owner says he has run out of money – can’t keep paying after savage attack on three year old

Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:39 am

The owner of a pack of dogs that savagely attacked a three year old in Sri Racha has said he has run out of money. He has already paid over 100,000 baht for the victim’s treatment.


Little Namning was left seriously injured in hospital after he fell over and was mauled by Praphan Phromprasert’s ten dogs. He is a 52 year old motorcycle taxi driver.

He at first took responsibility by paying a 50,000 baht deposit to the hospital from his savings. He then borrowed 50,000 baht more.

Then he said he had to find 10,300 baht to complete the bill.

The mother of the victim was now demanding that he keep paying for wound washing on a daily basis. Patsana, 41, also said she has had to stop work to care for her child.

Praphan says he has run out of money. Patsana has gone to the police to seek their advice. The cops plan to get them both in to resolve the matter. Source: Daily News     

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