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[Udon Info] “They are foreigners – I have to attack them” – Nana lady in sexy pink negligee with PVC pipe arrested

Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:20 am

Thai “mystery” woman who attacked passing foreigners with a PVC pipe in the Nana area of Bangkok has been arrested in Sukhumvit Soi 3 in Bangkok.


Earlier she lashed out at people passing Soi 7/1 screaming: “They are foreigners – I have to attack them.

They got me now I have to get them”. Earlier Friday she ran off as good Samaritans helped several people who had been hurt. Information received led to the arrest of the diminutive woman yesterday evening. Somrudee, 29, from Kanchanaburi was wearing a sexy pink negligee.

She told a female officer that she had come alone from Kanchanaburi and was using the pipe to protect herself from foreigners.

But Daily News reported that she was largely incoherent and in a fearful state. No charges have yet been made – police are trying to contact her family to determine if she is being treated for some disorder.

Lumpini cops said she was responsible for many attacks in the area of Nana. Daily News referred to her as a “mystery” woman in their report.

Source: Daily News